Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday!

Today the Cuties are Boom'n on the steps of the Chowdown Pool
while the Chow Sol'jers are off on a Chow Raid.
(Rough pencils--but I think you know that)


wyrmwoud said...

Love it.

I pulled out all my Beanworlds last night and started to reread. There's so much I've forgotten! But it all still holds up very well.

I always had in my mind's eye, a quirky animated version of Beanworld, on MTV or something, back when they did innovative stuff like that. But I'll settle for this!

carol said...

Well, this is just beautiful.

Larry Marder said...

Boom'n (music) plays a very big part in the story I'm working on. This has been hinted at in the various shards of the tale that I've published in ashcans and the like.

carol said...

Your blog makes it pretty obvious that music also plays a very big part in your life. Thanks for letting us all have a peek into the process. This is great.

Larry Marder said...

You're welcome. Music DOES play a big part in my life--particularly the creative process. I've always listened to music as I wrote stories and penciled them. But for some reason, I always seemed to do better listening to TV (not watching--listening) as I inked.
As I've been struggling with the learning curve of Photoshop (so I digitally ink) I find that I need total silence to concentrate on the key commands and menus and the like.
I have very eclectic (and in the greater scheme of things) rather limited tastes. I like old rock and roll, old jazz, old reggae, old rhythm and blues, old blues, old country swing, old vocal music, and old folk music.
I don't quite know why but I don't find myself attracted to much new music. I'm not an old curmudgeon like Crumb--I just don't like to listen to it much.
To each his or her own, I say!