Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey Kids! It's Time For Tuesday's Tantalizing Teaser!

Nope. That isn't succotash in my hand.
And it's not Halloween candy either.
The stylized beans and corn in my palm are hand-crafted out of polymer clay.

Why am I making beans and corn out of polymer clay?

Well....to make art objects like this out of stuff like that.
What am I going to DO with these things?
Well...that's the tease, isn't it?


Pam said...

!!!!!!!!!! EARRINGS !!!!!!!!!!!

Larry Marder said...

Duly noted, Pam.

JJA said...

Absolute coolness. I'd like to say that I've also used polymer clay to make beans, but I can't. Mr. Spook isn't really a bean.

(The above link is to my newly-minted Beanworld page. Concerning the t-shirt design which appears further down on that page, I have a humble suggestion. My attempt to make one for myself didn't work very well. However, if you had that t-shirt professionally made, I would certainly buy several of them, and I suspect that others would as well. Just a thought...)

Anonymous said...

pieces to an interactive book or things that will come with the book to hold and touch...kind of like the stress balls/dolls?

Larry Marder said...

All I can say is, I took one look at jjs's Mr Spook t-shirt, slapped my forehead, and exclaimed "Why didn't I think of that!" Absolutely excellent design work, my friend.
I look forward to looking through your site and pondering your opinions regarding the Beanworld mythos.

And regarding anonymous' thoughts...not bad...not bad at all.

Hamachi said...

They remind me of playing pieces to a board game of some sort. I can imagine some kind of Beanworld game... now we just have to come up with a decent (balanced) set of rules.


Larry Marder said...

They DO look like game pieces don't they?

JJA said...

A Chowraid(tm) game might be a lot of fun, and a good use for such pieces, and a way to get gamers interested in TOTB. The idea reminds me of Snit's Revenge for some reason, probably because of the David vs. Goliath theme.

carol said...

"They DO look like game pieces, don't they?"

Is that a hint, Larry?

Brian Jacoby said...

I sell comics AND games...

Larry Marder said...

I've made a career out of a sort of real-life business-oriented gaming. I've been paid to locate and interpret the signs and trends emerging in the marketplace.
I suspect that this encompasses a similar thought process to that of strategic gaming, however, my understanding of gaming-for-fun wouldn't even fill a thimble.
But what little I DO know about gaming has always indicated that my premise "Beanworld. It's not a place--it's a process" is inherently rich in gaming potential.
I think the nature of the responses to this post have confirmed this hunch.