Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wahoolazuma! It's Comic-Con Time Again!

It's Comic-Con time again!

I've "graduated" from Artist's Alley,
where I've been sitting since my return to full time comics creator status,
and earned a spot in the fabled Small Press area
where once upon a time,
I was a charter member before going off
to join the circus on the business end of comics and toys.

So what will I have on display.
If you smartly already purchased it from your local comic book retailer,
you know I'll be glad to sign your copy.

I'll also have a very limited supply of these things....

It's an old school handmade

(that means I did the collating and stapling myself)
Beanworld ashcan comic.
There hasn't been once of these since...ummmm...
Professor Garbanzo's Joy Ride in 1999.

Of course, I've have the usual stuff on hand also.
FREE Beanworld Action Figures,
Beanworld t-shirts,
FLEECE Beanworld Action Figures,
TFAW cards,
Plus other sorts of additional Beanworld thisis'n'thatsis.

Speaking of TFAW cards...
Here's the original of the finished drawing,
\up for bidding athe CBLDF/TFAW auction this Saturday.

Then of course,
I think it's high time I go CRAZY again!

Sketches like this and this and this
will get YOU one one of THESE!

Come by my table at
and trade-in one of your homemade Beanworld drawings
for a genuine Marder-drawn, signed original sketch
of the same character!

Offer open to kids of all ages!
\Only one trade-in per person allowed.
If your drawing contains more than one character,
you must decide which single character you'd like as your trade-in sketch.
After the drawing exchange I can post your sketch in the
Leguminous Fan Art Gallery.
And it would be nice if I could get a snapshot of you and your art too
And last but not least....
whatever you do don't forget THIS!

Offer is good for Beanworld 3.5 too!