Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Sprout-Butt Story!

After too long away, I'm back to doing some blogging.
The above is a bit of a teaser--some panels from Beanworld Book Four: Something More.
It's flash back.
For those of you who scored a Glimpse Book ash can comic at San Diego or Chicago--it comes after the teaser shown on page 17.
The rest of you will have to wait (he said rather cryptically).

In the meantime, below is an interesting oddity that popped out of the Fabled Beanworld Archives.
The top drawing is a marker sketch on Bienfang 360 layout paper and labeled "cover #16."
The actual cover of  Tales of the Beanworld #16 published in 1990 is shown below.
I find it interesting that I followed the outlines of the inner working of the Sprout-Butt when I did the final noodling. I wouldn't do that today as I can be so much more spontaneous on a Cintiq and working in Photoshop than with real pen and ink