Saturday, December 29, 2007

From the Beanworld Archives!

This drawing is dated 1993--and was created around the time of Beanworld #21. That issue sported a similar design for its cover. It might have even been a study for the cover--I seem to have left space up top for the logo. The drawing is 8 1/2" x 11" on a blue card stock. It's rendered with color markers and color pencils.


Unknown said...

It's hard to believe that #21 was that long ago. I still remember buying it from my comic shop and taking it to Fazoli's to read like five times.

Larry Marder said...

I have to agree--15 years is an absurdly long time. Well, I got busy managing the business affairs of others--but as I've said before--I'm back in the Larry Marder business and the Larry Marder business just happens to be Beanworld!

Unknown said...

Hey I just noticed... "23 realities?"

Is that hint of future stories?

(Incidentally, I got sniped on my bid for the Mr. Spook orphan... and then sniped on a bid for a piece of ROM Spaceknight art for the benefit of Bill Mantlo's medical bills! Picked up a different piece instead and will look forward to the next time one of your pieces is up for auction...)

And we're ALL seriously glad you're back in the Larry Marder business.