Wednesday, January 2, 2008

State of the Beanworld 2008!

Let's do this the way all us old folks were taught in Civics class.
First the old business--which was Beanworld in 2007.
What a year it was.
The biggest Beanworld development in '07 was the launch of this blog in July.
I didn't really know why I started just seemed like the thing to do that day--purely an instinctive decision, and one I'm quite glad I made.
The number of old friends and fans who "just showed up" has really been a terrific experience and I thank everyone who has read my posts and contributed responses.

As I said at the time "After so many years of overseeing the business endeavors of others, it's time for me to manage my own creative efforts."
I've spent the last several months teaching myself how to draw digitally on a Wacom Cintiq tablet. The "Hoka-Hoka Happy New Year" drawing was done completely on the tablet.
To me it looks more or less like the work I did before I got discouraged with inking supplies over a decade ago. (I will post on that one of these days.) I still learn something new every time I sit down at my digital drawing board, but I'm believe I'm quite ready to begin creating finished pages with this method.

Now onto the new business--2008.
My first essential task is to nail down a publishing deal.
I believe this will take place rather rapidly. It is my goal to get the previously published, but out of print, original Tales of the Beanworld material back in print as soon as humanly possible.
I have some 500 pages of Beanworld continuity that will be packaged in, perhaps, three volumes--each to be released, hopefully about a season apart--you know, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall--starting with whichever season happens to be scheduled first.
This will allow the Beanworld to re-establish its place within the world of publishing. The artwork will be reformatted to a slightly smaller page size, in keeping with today's publishing format trends.

Also, in the early part of 2008 I will launch a new, general interest Beanworld web site. There, I will be publishing color Beanworld web comics--short stand alone pieces perhaps 10 pages long or so. Leguminous interest stories--so to speak. More on par with things like "Proffy, The Snoopy Anthropologist" the back-up features from TOTB 3 and 5.

Back Issues.
I know a lot of you have holes in your Beanworld collections and have been inquiring about back issue availability.
I have a lot of back list comics in the Beanworld Archives.
I will make those available online.
The back list program will be tiered.
You will be able to purchase issues at the current market price.
Then there will be comics available at a premium that will include an original black and white sketch.
And topped by issues at an even higher premium including an original color sketch.
Of course, all issues will be signed.
As the program develops, I'll publish all the details here. But I plan to roll this out relatively soon.

Everyone is asking for Beanworld merchandise. I haven't licensed any Beanworld merchandise in years since my favorite licensee, Libby Barry of Planet Studios, passed away. As the year rolls along, I will start working on good, solid, logical, reasonably thought out licensed goods as the opportunities arise.
And not necessarily just the obvious items.
I'd really like to have your input as to the sort of things you wish you had in your house!

Also, I'm going to continue making more hand-crafted items like the Beanworld Action Figure Frame that was in the recent CBLDF Holiday Auction.

Oh yes, and I am going to continue my association with CBLDF's fund raising efforts through the entire year. I will be at CBLDF's table at WonderCon, SD08, and SPX. I'll be doing some new cool things with the Fund. Almost certainly a limited edition poster (in color?).
In April I will make my first appearance solely as the Beanworld guy since 1990 at Stumptown
Comics Fest in Portland, OR. (Every convention I've been at since then I was also juggling some sort of responsibility for someone else's business.) I will definitely be doing something extra special and fun for Stumptown.

And then....
:: drumroll ::
New work.

Yes, it started out as Tales of the Beanworld #22.
Then I started calling it "The Float Force."
Several fragments have been published in various ashcans.
Professor Garbanzo's Joy Ride.

But it is so much more than those little slivers.
When I sat down last spring and started juggling the fragments and shards of stories I'd been accumulating for years, it fell into eight segments.
It was roughly 150 pages long.
What I've been doing the past few months is seaming it all together and creating bridging sequences between the segments.
So far segments 1,2, and 3 are now together.
People that have read it can't tell which pieces I wrote and penciled 12 years ago from the pages I did 12 days ago.

I can't imagine this piece ending up lass than 200 pages or more than 300.
A LOT happens in the book.
Everyone is in it including Heyoka.
When it will launch will depend on who will be publishing it.
But I'll keep you all informed of developments as they unfold.
Including the title.
I thought up the title four years ago in Antarctica while sitting on a rock looking upon the frozen three color world of black, white, and purest cyan.

And then....the next book after that!
What is it about?
Beans and Corn.
Things set in motion in TOTB #1 will come home to roost.

Beanworld is as alive now as it has ever been.
I'm ready for a good long fun ride and I hope you are too!
Larry Marder


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a whole lot of awesomeness. We would love to have you on the Inkstuds show when stuff is coming out.

Nick's Evil Twin Skippy said...

Hooray for new Beanworld!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Exciting stuff, Larry, and you provided more details regarding the new material than I expected. Being a Beanworld fan for twenty years, I'm anxious to read new beanstuff again.

Sorry to hear about Libby. I still have many Beanworld art objects that were produced by Planet Studios.

Glad to hear you've had success with the Cintiq. Mine will arrive in the next few days, and although I'll still do it the old fashioned way on the drawing board a good portion of the time, I'm eager to start using it.

Thanks for updating us BeanFans, and best of luck with securing a publisher. Can't wait to hear (and read) more.

bob said...

Looks like a good year. Can't wait to find out more.

Jamie Cosley said...


Greg McElhatton said...

Some of the best news I've heard it, well, ages. Hurrah for Bean08!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Sounds like there's lots of great stuff in the works. I can't wait to see it!

Seein' as I live not far from Portland, I'm going to try my darnedest to make it to Stumptown just to finally meet you.

Geo said...

cool beans!

Unknown said...

This is the most incredible news I've had in a long time. And I have to say that I'm impressed with your tablet skills! The people were right, I can't tell the difference... it just looks like Beanworld to me!

Here's to 2008 and beyond!

Stephanie Chan said...

Thank you, Larry! Beanworld is my first, and favourite indy comic ever made! I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

This absolutely made my week! I'm just so pleased about this news!

Anonymous said...

There's a lot to look forward to in 2008. Hoka Hey! The hard part is waiting. But we've been waiting so long. . . it's just knowing that there's new stuff just on the horizon almost makes the waiting harder. I started crying, reading this post, tears of joy. Thank you, Larry, for the promise of more Beanworld.

Anonymous said...

Damn you for making me cry at work.

I'm so happy!

smccloud said...

Woo-Hoo! Sounds like it'll be a great year. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. :-)

Hengest said...

This is really the best comic-related news I've heard, ever. I thought Beanworld was gone forever and now it's exploding again. Amazing.

Considering your hot hot tablet powers, I would happily buy a Beanworld calendar (vulgar as that may sound), or prints of new (or old) pages, or even original art if I could possibly afford it.

Richard said...

Great news indeed. Thanks a lot for a lovely birthday present.

Anonymous said...

Lots of things to look forward to this year. Looking forward to it all....

...especially the web comics ;)

John R. Platt said...

Hoka Hoka Hoo-Ray!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, I am so glad we are going to see more of the unique creation which is Beanworld. I've long regretted the absence of it in the comic marketplace, and as a fascinating narrative and mind-trip.You can count on my word of mouth support starting NOW!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! I learned about your blog from your guest appearance at, and I am delighted! I have every issue of Beanworld, even had a letter printed one time, and I have been waiting expectantly for your years in the wilderness to end! More Beanworld will make the human world a better place! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

the esoteric is easy for some..will you ever stand up to the new world odor?