Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello I Must Be Going!

Back in the old days that are being written about on Boneville , my friend, Rick Veitch always used to say, "When Larry Marder goes silent--it usually means he's up to something interesting."

Well, I have been. Some of it I can talk about, some of it I can't--yet. Some of it I can hint at. All of it is good.
I'm wrapping up a presentation project for Graphitti Designs that will be given at the ComicsPRO gathering in Las Vegas at the end of this week. In fact, as soon as I'm done posting, it's out the door, into the car, and Bob Chapman and I will be hitting the road. (He gets to play Raoul Duke today and I'm Dr. Gonzo).

As a lot of you may know, I love contemplating, writing, and creating marketing projects intended to sell things in the comic book specialty marketplace. Bob Chapman is a great client to collaborate with.
And working with him has been a great warm-up for the Beanworld presentation I'm going to give @ Stumptown Comics Fest next month. It should be a good one!
Now the picture above. It's quite the historical photo. It was taken at WonderCon and it documents the actual moment when I gave away the first FREE Beanworld Action in almost a decade at a comic book convention. The first customer was none other than Bob Schreck of DC Comics who just happened to be walking by. (Actually, now that I look at it, maybe it's more of an hysterical documentation!)

Now . speaking of Beanworld Action Figures, we can segue into this week's Tantalizing Teaser, which is a day late (but hopefully not a dime short.)

Here it is:

This shows two sides of the same Beanworld Action Figure made out of a pizza box on a small laser cutter in the Fab Lab in Sustainable South Bronx, the incredible community organization founded by Majora Carter.

(The drawing of the shape was digitally drawn by someone else--who had never seen or heard of me, Beanworld, let alone a Beanworld Action Figure before and was following me tracing a finger in the air. Not a bad job at all!)

What's a Fab Lab?

Fab Labs are an outgrowth of a class that Neil Gershenfeld taught at MIT: "How to make (almost) anything."

He explains it far better than I can in this video.
Read about Fab Labs here.
Also the Fab Charter is worth a read. why is Larry Marder mixed in with all these amazing folks and organizations?

Well....let's just say:

Fab Labs bring out the Professor Garbanzo in me!


Anonymous said...

You're amazing.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the animated film "The Secret of NIMH." I don't think I'd seen it since I was about 3. Those backgrounds are really beautiful.

On that note, Beanworld continues to amaze me.