Friday, June 6, 2008

Two Big Events Today!

It's National Do-Nut Day!
Thanks to the ever vigilant popular culture reporter, Whitney Matheson, over at Pop Candy, I learned that today is indeed National Do-Nut Day. Check out your local do-nut eatery and see if they are sliding free samples across the counter!

It's Charles Brownstein's 30th Birthday.

Hard to believe! I guess I've known Charles about as long as anyone else in the comic book field. I met him during the summer of 1994 when he came up to me at my Bean world table trying to get me to buy an ad on behalf of Image Comics for his fledgling Feature Magazine.
I believe that Charles had absolutely no idea who I was , beyond some dude in charge of Image Comics, and hadn't heard of Beanworld before. Why the guy in charge of Image Comics was behind a table in Artist's Alley, handing out FREE Beanworld Action Figures was probably a bit of a mystery to Charles too.
He was intrigued by the entire circumstance and started talking to me about Beanworld. I think I gave him some issues or trades to make this persistent kid go away.
He came back later, having devoured the issues and proceeded to ask me some of the most precise and perceptive questions about Beanworld anyone, anywhere has ever asked me--ever.
We've been friends ever since.
Charles is one of my best friends and Cory just adores him.
He remains one of Beanworld's strongest boosters and critics.
I sure am glad I gave him those books long ago.
Happy Birthday, Charles.

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