Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday's Tantalizing Teaser!

A couple of layout panels from "Remember Here When You Are There" or it is often shortened in my correspondence to "Here There" or sometimes just plain 'ol "HT."

I'll let you speculate as to what might seem to be going on here.

Meanwhile I'll continue working on the book at full speed ahead so that it can ship on time. Yes, I know it's only January and the book doesn't ship until November, but Diana and Brendan are funneling the cover and solicitation into the Dark Horse pipeline this week.


Anonymous said...

I feel exactly like Beanish--I gotta know!! November is so far away...

JJA said...

Beanish has probably just completed a visit to Dreamishness and now seems to be running in the direction of the Legendary Edge. It must be around noon - his shadow is directly underneath him. %?)

Hence, it's likely that Dreamishness just planted an idealio in his bean brain. Perhaps she told him something about the Hoi Polloi, or the four realities?

Also, Mr. Spook now knows the public aspect of Beanish's secret. I assume that the uncured gunk'l'dunk hit the fan in previous panels and that Mr. Spook is a lot calmer now.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I love Mr. Spook. He's always a bit confused by anything that doesn't have to do with chow raids.

DaveH said...

I'm really excited about the new tales of the Beanworld. I read some of the originals after my older brother bought them close to 20 years ago. The beanworld left its mark, and about 2-3 years ago I found myself trying to find beanworld comics to figure out what the heck I had read so many years before =).

Unfortunately, I still have some gaps in my collection, namely 17,18,19, and 21. Do you know where the best place to find these is? I've been checking Amazon/Ebay/comiccollectorlive.com and haven't been able to locate any copies.

Thanks for the beanworld. It is most peculiar ;)


Indigo Kelleigh said...

But - but - I thought Beanish was a girl?

JJA said...

DaveH: The previous comics are all being republished in book form by Dark Horse. Older posts in this blog have the details; you can also check the Dark Horse website.

Abe: Actually, no beans are girls - and no beans are boys. They don't reproduce as we do and they have no biologically distinct genders. "Her" and "him" in Beanworld are arbitrary social distinctions, like sports teams.

But yeah, Beanish is a "him."

(And now I've left Larry with no questions to answer.)

Mr. Stratford said...

I really like the sketch version of Mr. Spook.

DaveH said...

Thanks JJA, I'm actually interested in finding the old Eclipse versions.

I've already pre-ordered the new Dark Horse reprints. It's way exciting that the Beanworld is coming back, and I want Dark Horse to have every reason to keep it around.