Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beanworld art being auctioned on ebay for CBLDF!

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is auctioning this piece at this very moment:
You can link directly to it on ebay--> here!

This is a rather large drawing--the paper is 11" x 17" -- as the slug in the upper left corner indicates, I drew this at a Golden Apple/CBLDF event in Los Angeles on 12/19/07.
I'm not entirely sure but I think I was sitting next to and talking with Brian K Vaughn as I was drawing it. It was the first time I met him and we were talking about LOST.
The funds raised in this auction help support the First Amendment legal work the CBLDF performs on behalf of the comics community. I know times are tough, and money is tight, but the good work that CBLDF does is just as important as it ever has been--if not more.

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