Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yet Another Tuesday Tantalizing Teaser!

A panel from
"Remember Here When You Are There!"
Sorta speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...

Heyoka is the one character in the whole of Beanworld about who I am the most excited about learning more. So happy to see her in today's tease! i can't wait for Here There!

Anonymous said...

YES! A Heyoka update! I too am eager for the next chapter in her story.


Vernon said...

goofy surgical jerks? Wow, i can't wait to read the Remember Here When Your Are There.

David Goldfarb said...

Hmm...Heyoka does everything backwards, right? So if he says he's very ill, does that mean he's perfectly healthy?

JJA said...

David: Yes, Heyoka means that she's in good health. (Heyoka started out on the female team in Beanworld, but since she herself would tell you that she's on the male team, your inversion is perhaps appropriate.)

The Goofy Jerk at the upper left is wearing an odd device that looks like a hollow arrow head, which is much like an ancient surgical instrument called the Spoon of Diocles. Is the Jerk's gadget really meant for extracting spears and arrows, or am I speculating wildly again?

Anonymous said...

"devoid of root hairs"?
That's interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I thought I recognized that distinctive headwear. The Goofy Surgical Jerks first appeared in the back-up strip "Tales of the Goofy Jerks", in Tales of the Beanworld #15-19.

I wonder: will we ever see Goofy Surprise Jerks? Goofy Surplus Jerks? Or even (*gulp*) Goofy Surrender Jerks?

I can't wait to see more Heyoka.

Stumptown, here I come!

Carol: maybe, being Heyoka, she has head hairs instead? Or gets her trace minerals in a completely backward way?

Scorrigan Corrigan said...

I have been on a cliffhanger with heyoka for over a decade, and NOW THIS?!