Sunday, May 3, 2009

It Came From The Beanworld Archives!


This is clearly some sort of preliminary pencil for "Beanish Breaks Out!"
It's (more or less) the drawing that appears on pg 115 of Wahoolazuma! but the actual dialogue doesn't appear until pg 117.

I have absolutely no idea why I drew it on a lined pad.

Normally, at home I drew in a sketch book so I would be able to sort through my notes in a reasonable fashion. I guess that means I did it on the job at the ad agency. During this period of time (mid '80s) I was going to a lot of client meetings and doing a lot of account executive-type work. I did a lot of scribble/doodling on lined pads during those meetings but this drawing looks like I was being rather careful and making an attempt to be precise.

The drawing is old, wrinkled, rather yellowed and the paper a bit fragile. I have a hunch that it might have been exposed to some sunlight at some point--but who knows?


Dvandom said...

I find it interesting, artistically, that you bothered to use a straight-edge on the panel borders, but not on the slats.

Larry Marder said...

Me too. It's an odd artifact.