Friday, January 15, 2010

More From The Beanworld Archives!

top: 8 3/4" x height: 5 3/4" x bottom: 10 3/4"
Ink, color pencils, color markers on card stock
(really old and yellow card stock!)

This drawing is undated but from the style and the tools used I can tell it is from the late '70s--before I started putting Beanworld stories down onto paper in the sequential art format.

At the time I was deep in study of the Grail Mythos and also very interested in Malevich & Suprematism.

I see the influences here.
All these years later, I still like the basic composition.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn't started telling comic book stories in 1980 and instead had started painting or printmaking.

Never will know the answer to that!


Unknown said...

The water hat reminds me of the thin lake.

Hmmmm... What an interesting find.

Monique R. said...

this is incredible, Larry. Seriously love it. It reminds me of a moebius drawing with your touch aka REALLY GREAT.

Hope all is well with you!