Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey Kids, it's another Tuesday Tantalizing Teaser!

"What th-?"

A teaser from
Larry Marder's Beanworld: Book Four
"Something More!"


Vernon said...

holes in the cliff face of the legendary edge? Or perhaps an other(bean)worldly cliff face? And how did they get there?

JJA said...

Notworm holes, perhaps? Or did the Cuties just toss the fake chow a little too hard?

Assuming it's not a cliff... They could be some disks floating on the other side of a membrane. Or perhaps the Cuties have found the world's largest slat.

Larry Marder said...

As always you are so, so frighteningly close JJA.

We've learned a little about Notworms but so little about the The Big Fish's culinary obsession--Worms!

There must be Worms around somewhere, right?