Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dark Horse Presents # 32 online for FREE!

This is the official home for the Dark Horse Presents two pager featuring
Beanish and Dreamishness on the Secret Path of Something More.

For the record....I call this story "First Steps."
(Well....sometimes I call it "First Leap" too. )

Tell you what, I'll let you, the members of the Leguminati,
decide what it should be called and I'll go along with it.

A year and a half ago, after the posting of the first MDHP story in Issue #14,
there wasn't any Beanworld product in print or for sale.

This time at the end of the story there is a handy-dandy link
that leads you to all the current Beanworld product Dark Horse has for sale.

All things leguminous are moving along....
not as fast as any of us want....
but moving along just the same!


Jesse Reese said...

That's one small step for a Bean. One giant leap for Beanish. :)

First Steps!

Peggy said...

I waited something like twenty years for the new material in Book 3. I can be patient while you make sure Book 4 is right!

David Akers said...

So I notice that the "perch" is tilted different ways at the beginning from at the end, implying (to me, at least) that it's not the same spot. Plus, if it were the same place, Dreamishness came full circle in seconds/minutes.

So if Beanish moved up above, did he "land" somewhere else? In some other secret sketch?

Feel free to delete this if I'm asking/revealing too much. :)


Bahala Na! said...

My guess: the path doesn't lead "nowhere", it's "Now Here"!

Following the path beneath Dreamishness would let Beanish prolong the blissful 'now' when she's directly above him.

How's that?

I have the original Beanworld Press TPBs, but I got the new Dark Horse books recently and re-reading them reminded me why I enjoyed the Beanworld so much. I'm very much looking forward to the next book.

JJA said...

Bahala Na: If that isn't right, it should be. %?)

Larry Marder said...

It's quite correct.