Saturday, May 15, 2010

TCAF & those Crazy Trade-Ins!

For a couple of years I've been hearing more and more good things about the Toronto Comics Art Festival aka TCAF.

Everything I'd heard was true and more.

What a great weekend it was.
I got to meet a whole passel of creative people for the first time including: Eric Orchard, Jason Turner, Abby Denson, Jim Zubkavich and many others.

Got to say hello to old friends like Dan Clowes, Jim Woodring, Evan Dorkin, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, Spike, and Charles Vess.

But I really didn't have a chance to have an in-depth conversation with any one of them due to the fast pace of the show. Fortunately the Great Northern Nexus Mark Asquith and I did have a chance for a lengthy chat towards the end of the show.

And had a chance to meet and chat with Bob Heer of Gunk'l'dunk who also brought me the raw beans needed for FREE Beanworld Action Figures. Thanks so much, Bob.

I greatly enjoyed giving my "The Leguminous History of Larry Marder & The Beanworld" talk.
It's changed over the years and it's now includes a lot more discussion about my influences. I'll be giving some version of it at Comic-Con this July. The Q & A was particularly lively and vivid, talking about Art and Science and everything in between. I believe a good time was had by all.

I sat at my table the entire run of show drawing and talking and drawing some more.
A lot of good sketches and drawings went to good homes!

As always there were Crazy Trade-Ins.
Pics of them start here.
A few pics of the artists and such starting here.

Thanks to all connected to both the TCAF & Beguiling crews particularly Christopher Butcher, Peter Birkemoe, and Gina Gagliano. Gina got me hooked up early with their techie guy, Parrish, making sure the PowerPoint presentation was pre-loaded and ready to go.

TCAF is such a well run show. Very dedicated & attentive staffers & volunteers. Highest possible recommendation!

And last, but hardly least, a hearty Hoo-Hoo-HA & A Hoka-Hoka-HEY to Natalia Lopez who was drafted by the amazingly efficient Gina into watching my table when I was upstairs giving my panel.

I'm pretty sure Natalia didn't quite know what she was getting herself into...but she got to witness first hand what it is happens when kids & grown-ups are snagged by the FREE Beanworld Action Figures display and the light bulb of recognition goes off over their heads.
Thanks, Natalia. You were a life-saver!


Trevor said...

Tilden's 3-D Pod'l Pool Cutie is absolutely awesome! I'm just so jealous.
Henry's picture of Beanish is mighty cool, too!
You've just got one of the best jobs in the whole world, Larry. All you have to do is zip of a sketch and people give you terrific art! Wow!
(Unfortunately, Peter Croome's Beanish & Dreamishness is coming up blank on Flickr.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry.

Thanks for the sketch. I'm really enjoying the first Beanworld book and look forward to reading the remainder of the series. I hope to see you again at next year's TCAF.


bob said...

By the way, Larry, regarding something you mentioned in your Beanworld history slideshow, have you seen this photo?

Anonymous said...

Dear Larry,
Happy Birthday!
Thanks for the fun.
Best wishes,
Gordon Smith

Larry Marder said...

THAT is the very piece I was talking about! Thanks, Bob!