Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beanworld: Hither and Thither!

I've been so busy lately I've been neglecting my usual outlets to communicate with the world that exists outside of the four walls of the inner sanctum of my studio. Had some 'puter troubles too. Those are never fun.

My mail box has had stuff piling up for a while now and it's time to break the log jam and share some things with you over the coming days and weeks. Let's start with this:

This is graphic is from an essay on energycollective's blog titled "The Big Big Picture" written by Michael Tobis.
As he wrote:
"This is my crude attempt at the Big Big Picture (thanks to Larry Marder for the name) of our actual circumstances, focusing on climate. (There are other slices through it that are equally daunting, and they have similar shapes.)

The point is to think of the world as a feedback control system, with nature as the plant, humans as the feedback loop, and economic behavior as the actuator."

I'm a cartoonist not a scientist.
Everything I do seems to be grounded more in sense of touch rather than logical thought but my work often seems to strike a resonant chord amongst members of the scientific community.
(This would stun and amaze my high school science teachers I assure you!)

Anyway...the piece has some truly interesting ideas and is well worth a read!

Brian McDonald at Hellsquid International posted an insightful piece about various aspects of the history of Beanworld that are often overlooked:

"It sounds a bit silly on the surface, but again, if you look at the details, how every little piece fits together, and nothing is wasted, you see the hidden depths that Marder has put into this work. Not only into the ecosystem, though. Marder has put pieces of his own life into the book. "

And one last thing.
This will get its own secret origin blog post but the word is out on this.

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Peggy said...

Oh man, that last throwaway link. I did not know that. I really hope my Beanworld books haven't gotten packed for the move yet because now I have to re-read them with that knowledge!