Tuesday, July 13, 2010


8" x 10" drawing in an 11" x 14" hand decorated mat.

CBLDF Benefit Auction
Saturday, July 24
Room 3

This is it, the CBLDF's biggest auction of the year! Support free speech and walk away with incredible original art! Highlights include original art by Arthur Adams, Paul Pope, Tara McPherson, Ben Templesmith, Jim Rugg, David Hine, Shaky Kane, and many more. This auction includes highlights from auction initiatives by TFAW.com, Image Comics, and SeenAllOver.com, as well as original art created at the CBLDF Master Sessions. Stop by CBLDF booth (#1920) for a complete auction list. All proceeds from this auction will benefit the First Amendment legal work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Olive the cat investigating!

The reason why this original over-sized drawing was created can be found here. I don't generally work anywhere near this big--in fact the last drawing I made this size was for Scott McCloud's 50th birthday. It's a rare opportunity for Beanworld Fans to adopt a BIG Beanworld Orphan and help a good cause in its fight to protect the First Amendment rights of the entire comic book community.

If you click through to the sketches you'll see that Beanish has no eyes. That's because I'll be drawing in the expression of your choice when I'm signing the cards in exchange for a "let-your-conscience-be-your-guide donation" into a handy-dandy CBLDF Contribution Can.

On Sunday from 2:00 - 3:00, I'll be enhancing and signing TFAW cards for FREE at the Dark Horse booth.

I'll have my entire Comic-Con schedule up in a day or two.


bluemoonpaul said...

Nice piece, Larry! I love how the radiating dash lines god beyond the drawing into the mat border. Sweet!

Penny Auction Online said...

Nice drawing, but it is obvious even cat likes it too lolz. But I must appreciate the skills and it is a nice idea of auction.