Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crazy Trade-Ins from Floating World!

Last Tuesday, I made an appearance at Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco
The Storytime! show is really quite extraordinary and very informative.
We wanted to focus on the process of creating comics and the show really demonstrates how all of the artists in the show work out their stories.
Everyone does it differently.
(Hope Larson's thumbnails are something to see!)
My stuff looked a lot better up on the walls then it did when I was sorting through it on my studio floor. Context is everything, huh?

Duh....I forgot my camera and failed to get any pictures.
The exhibit is up until November 14 and if you are going to APE--you really want to pop in and give the show a look-see.

Then last Wednesday, I did a signing at Floating World Comics in Portland OR.
It was an opportunity to see old friends, make new ones, and have a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Many thanks to Jason of Floating World for working with Diana Schutz and making the whole thing happen in a very short period of time.

And there were even some particularly excellent Crazy Trade-Ins.

Riley, age 8, wasn't a bit shy to show me her Beanworld originals. She insisted I take several pages because "It's easy to make more." When I asked her who her favorite Beanworld character is, hands down it was "Pod'l'pool Cuties." More of Riley's fantastic artwork here.

Kids love the Cuties. Doesn't matter what stage the Cuties are in--they are popular as can be.I've written about it before, and will again, but it amazes me how they took over the book and in turn Beanworld fandom. There really needs to be Cutie merchandise of its own--don't you think?

Speaking of merchandise: please post your wish lists of what you most need to have!
We'll speak of this again later

This watercolor illo of Beanish pondering Kant came from the incredibly talented Dylan Meconis.
Totally cracked me up.
I was truly complimented she took the time out of her busy schedule to join the Beanworld Trade-In craziness!

One of the things that also came out of that night was me agreeing to come up again next spring for Stumptown Comic Fest April 16 &17, 2011.

In a day or two, I'll post about something that happened at Floating World that reminded me that a post about the Eclipse Comics hard covers from two decades ago is long over due.

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