Saturday, March 19, 2011

LIBERTY JAM: the home version!

If you are in town for C2E2--there is going to be a Liberty Jam in Chicago tonight.
There will be over 40 artists there creating cards for CBLDF Liberty Trading Card set.
I'm not going to be there.

But I am going to be having my own Liberty Jam: The Home Version during the actual hours of the event.

That's right--from 9 pm to midnight central time I'm going to draw as many Liberty artist sketch cards as I can from the comfort of my own studio.

(Those of you that have seen me get go into a zone at a Drink'n'Draw know that once I start you never know what is going to come out of my pen point!)

As I'm creating these one-of-a-kind original works of art--I'll shoot pics, and scan 'em and if I don't screw it up maybe even have some video to see online.

It's going to be a super moon tonight so things should be cracklin' everywhere.

Check in on me on Twitter and Facebook tonight and tomorrow I'll give a recap here including details for Creators who want to protect Liberty through Creativity.

You too will be able to donate your creativity to Liberty Trading Cards from home by playing Liberty Jam: the home version as CBLDF, Cryptozoic and our supporters are throwing the next Liberty Jams around the nation over the next month or two.

Stay tuned for all the exciting details!

The First Amendment guarantees the right to Free Expression. It ensures that no American can be persecuted for speaking their political, religious, social, or artistic beliefs. It protects controversial ideas, and has been the subject of many hotly contested battles. The CBLDF fights the battles where comics are contested.

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