Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hoka-Hoka Egg-Bot!

Hey, Larry,
I recently purchased an EggBot kit, which is a device that lets you draw on eggs and other curved surfaces with a drawing program. Naturally, I thought "what better subject for egg decorating than.. beans." I'm clearly no Larry Marder, and there are obviously issues keeping pens aligned, but I thought you might like this nevertheless...

The Naimis

Here's the Egg-Bot in action. I was up a bit late Thursday evening to have some eggs to put on display at the office. I didn't get drawings of all the main beans (no Mr. Spook, Proffy or Beanish) before I went to bed, which I will try to remedy sometime this weekend and send you a picture of the full "gallery" next week, along with the drawings themselves. I did a Beanish egg and a Mr. Spook large size last night (the egg as Mr. Spook's torso rather than a drawing of Mr. Spook on the egg, though I wasn't completely happy with the results).
The Naimis

This is very cool and exciting.

Thanks for sending this along just in time for the appropriate holiday, The.

The hacker, fab, and maker movements are proof positive that in the not-so-distant future we will all be able to let our inner Beanish and Professor Garbanzo out and make stuff that is both cool and personal

I love living in the future!

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