Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A few things you might want to know!

A belated Happy New Year!
It was a busy holiday season here at Beanworld Press and this is the first moment I've had to blog.
First up, the illo above is the final cover that we decided on for what we've been calling Beanworld 3.5.
A 64 page hardcover full color graphic novella.
It's on the schedule for June shipping.
More details as they are given to me. 

Tomorrow I'm heading to Arizona for Amazing Arizona Comic Convention.
I'll be in Artist's Alley doing my usual leguminous things.

Sunday is Kid's Day.
I'll conducting a workshop for youngsters called:

"How To Create Your Own Comic Book Universe."
Everyone has stories inside of them, especially you!
Join Larry Marder, as he takes you on a journey of imagination
to show you how you can turn your own characters into stories
and start making your own comics!
Larry Marder’s series of Beanworld graphic novels have delighted readers
from grade school to grad school for more than a generation, earning him a spot on the
New York Times' Graphic Books Best Sellers List.

(I think it's scheduled for 11 on Sunday and don't know the room yet.)
It is aimed at young kids but I think anyone of any age will get a kick out of it.

And last but not least:
Over on Twitter #comicmarket every Tuesday there is a maelstrom of dialogue between various mover and shakers from every corner and niche of the comic industry. It's often a wild and bumpy ride. I add my two cents whenever I think I have something reasonable to share. I guess someone noticed because I got a 2012 Top Ten (kinda) Award for Comic Creator.


Cynthia said...

Looking forward to new Beanworld! Happy New Year!

The Legendary Moondog said...

Ah, a summer treat that much more satisfying than a cold lemonade. We fans are so fortunate!

Idiot Press Comics said...

I can't wait for Beanworld 3.5. This is going to be a great year indeed.

JJA said...

Any year with more Beanworld is a banner year. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

To Larry,
In case you didn't know Jan Groover died January 1,2012. There was a write up in the New York Times.

John Pannozzi said...

Larry, would you be willing to share your attitude towards SOPA and PIPA?

Larry Marder said...

Thank you for letting me know about Jan, Anonymous.