Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A (tiny but hopefully tantalizing) Tuesday Teaser!

So here's a bit of process for ya.
Some iPhone snaps of my Cintiq screen.

Above: a dirty scan of a quick pencil sketch I did while watching TV.
Below: the drawing tightened and (more-or-less) digitally inked .
The dialogue is scribbled as are the FX.

This will almost certainly end up as a mere single panel at a much smaller size.
Will the full sequence be in the next Beanworld ashcan comic
"Glimpse Book" breaking at Comic-Con this summer?

Mmmmm, it's looking like it.
Today, anyway.


Mark Pulley said...

Three puffs of smoke as three crazy beans escape. Could it be the Boom'r band pre-breakout?

ZenMondo Wormser said...

Conor also concurs and I agree with him We think its part of the Boom'r Band breaking out. The first break outs in the Beanworld (that we know of).

Larry Marder said...

I did promise Conor that I was going to investigate the Boom'rs & their bonnets next.