Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Top Hat Tautology that was my 2013 Comic-Con

I've had Top Hats on my mind a LOT lately and I can't begin to hazard a guess why.
I've had a thing about how cool top hats are since I wore on when I was 10 years old as part of charity ball pint-sized honor guard for President Truman in 1961.
Actually I don't remember wearing the top hat at all but pictures don't lie...that' me alright.

It's all rather funny because over most of my life I rarely wore hats voluntarily.
(Now I do for health reasons)
But I sure do love drawing hats...the sillier the better.

Late last spring to start hand crafting little bits of leguminous treasure.
Pretty early on I stumbled upon these wee top hats in a crafts catalog.
I ordered them without knowing what I might do with 'em.
The main result is shown below:

I didn't really have a name for 'em--didn't matter 'cuz every kid that came to my table at Comic-Con under the age of 10 instantly called them "Magic Beans" and who am I to say differently?
So that's what they are.

Also seen in the pic are a few of the little rings I made.
The rings were an afterthought after a suggestion by Charles Brownstein
who said "Those DC Green Lantern rings are pretty popular" when he came through town in May.

He is right of course, I still have my Black Lantern ring that someone gave me years ago.
So I ordered some inexpensive blank, expandable  bases and cooked up rings.
I didn't make very many and I was happily surprised at how fast the were adopted off my table.
This one picture is worth a thousand words:

I've barely cracked the surface of what loony Leguminous Finger Loops can be.
I suspect they will be a permanent staple for a while to come.

The drawing below has nothing to do with anything except I drew it at Comic-Con.


Bob said...

Those "magic beans" are excellent. Hope your travels bring you local sometime soon so I can get a few.

Rebecca said...

Gosh, I thought all beans was magic beans! Do they give the wearer any strange powers?