Saturday, November 3, 2007

Shakin' In My New Studio!

It's been a crazy couple of days. I'm set up and working in my new studio in California. Just not sure which pages, drawings, relics, and artifacts to put up on these walls. I'm having fun deciding though. I have a lot more wall space here than I had in my studio room in Phoenix and I'm gonna use every single inch of it. As soon as I have stuff up, I'll give you a few peeks!
Meanwhle, I'm wrapping up the project I hinted at in the last post. As I'm working on it--I've been listening to a lot of Howlin' Wolf. This filmed performance of "Shake It For Me" from 1964 captures Wolf at his peak of his career.
Am I dancing around my studio today?
You bet'cha!


Anonymous said...

What we really need is a youtube video of you booming around in your new studio.

Larry Marder said...

LOL! As soon as Cory gets back from her trip to Turkey...I'll pass on your suggestion, Carol.