Thursday, November 8, 2007

From Out Of The Beanworld Archives!

This shaped drawing appears to be from from the late '70s.
I can guess its time frame from the appearance of the Beans and the floating triangles--they were not yet called Chips.
It was drawn in rapidograph, colored markers and pencils and was mounted on inexpensive red construction paper that has a nick in the upper left corner. The rocky ground is definitely suggestive of Ben Grimm. I'm pretty sure this drawing was up in my studio for a while because the red paper is quite faded.
I had totally forgotten this drawing until I found it. I can see that I was getting closer to what-Beanworld-would-someday-become.


Unknown said...

I have to say, I love seeing your early forays into the Beanworld. Each one of these pieces makes me want to see the next piece of Beanworld mythos even more!

This one has a bendy straw in it!

Larry Marder said...

Thanks, Ken. The log is subtitled: "It's not a product--it's a process."

For me reviewing and sharing these drawings from my past are part of that shared process.

First, there is the my relationship not only with these drawing but also with the ME who drew them.

The ME who drew them didn't really know if any of it was every going to fall together and make sense. That ME was searching hard for Beanworld to emerge from my jumble of ideas and plot fragments.

Writing about those time and sharing it with you part of that process. And everyone's reactions (like the bendy straw oservation) are part of the process too!