Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Official LARRY MARDER Look-See SD08 Schedule

It is really amazing how much has changed in my life since last year's Comic Con International. I still rub my eyes in astonishment that I'm fortunate enough to draw Beanworld each and every day and have a happy publishing home for my creations.

This year I'll be taking meetings, attending panels, and just generally wandering the Con. I'm very curious about the current state of the comic book market place and I will be gathering as much information as I dust off and don my official Larry Marder "Nexus of All Comic Book Realities" Thinking Cap.

Unlike other years, where I was employed by others and my primary responsibilities were to their organizations; this year the only reason I'm at the Con is to meet and talk about Beanworld with you.

If you spot me meandering around, please don't think twice about stopping me to say "Hello."
Anywho, these are the places that I'm scheduled to be!

Thursday, July 24
7:30 PM
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Comic-Con Welcome Party
Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego.

CBLDF will have many Beanworld Orphan sketches for adoption at this event. Plus, I’ll be sketching my heart out at the annual meeting of the Drink & Draw Social Club. I tend to be very prolific at these Drink and Draw parties, and some of my most oddball ideas come surging out of my pens in the heat of doing sketch after sketch. They can all be yours with all proceeds going directly to CBLDF.

Friday, July 25
Room 2

Larry Marder: The Beanworld Is Back!
Legendary Beanworld creator, Larry Marder, is front and center in his first solo Comic-Con panel in 15 years. Learn how beans have been part of Marder's life since the day he was born! The rich visual presentation covers the entire history of his peculiar fantasy dimension including Marder's many influences. This is your opportunity to discover why Beanworld has captivated readers from grade school to grad school since its first publication as a series of comic books in the 1980s. Now, Dark Horse Comics is publishing Beanworld for an entire new generation of fans. Hear all the details about Marder's many up-coming Beanworld projects!

Come and see my power point presentation that is partly autobiographical, partly an explanation of my influences, partly an explanation of the process that is the Beanworld, and hear descriptions and see previews of upcoming Beanworld projects from Dark Horse Comics.

Saturday, July 27
Dark Horse Comics booth #2615
11:00 – 12:00

I’ll be signing a Dark Horse Comics Beanworld promotional card featuring the new cover drawing for Larry Marder’s Beanworld Book One. This is my first convention event with Dark Horse!

Sunday, July 28
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth #1831/1833

CBLDF has original drawings, limited edition prints, trade paperbacks and all sorts of other Beanworld things for sale with all proceeds going to the Fund.


Unknown said...

any chance of getting the presentation on tape and up on Youtube or the like? Y'know, for us unfortunates who can't make it to the con...

Vernon said...

It must feel good to be called "legendary"

Anonymous said...

When you have the time and I hope this gets to you...e-mail me at

Vince Smith

Anonymous said...

When you have the time and I hope this gets to you...e-mail me at

Vince Smith