Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"? and !" is online. Become a Beanworld MySpace friend!


The little 8 page romp through the Beanworld is up online as part of MDHP Issue 14.

The story "? and !" is a bit of a teaser as it lays down a more than a few few hints and clues to trends that will become increasingly important in the unfolding continuity of future Beanworld stories.

Some of it directly leads into the Beanworld Color Holiday Special (that at the moment seems to be titled "Every Cutie Deserves a Toy.")

Other notions will unfold in next years 250 page original black and white graphic novel "Remember Here When You Are There." And even a couple more seeds that will sprout in the following graphic novel.

The Beanworld MySpace page is up and running!

Last Friday, I woke up from sleep and slapped my forehead and said " (Expletive deleted)! The Beanworld MDHP story is going up next week. I need a MySpace page FAST!"

To my rescue came my pal, Jeff "JahFurry" Newelt, and his able designer, Maja. I think they made a totally wahoolazuma effort getting it together on incredibly short notice. We will be tinkering with it constantly in the days and weeks to come but I encourage all leguminous fans to become Beanworld's friend over at MySpace today!

I gotta back to the the drawing board...well the electronic tablet...well I gotta get back to BEANWORLD!


Vernon said...

great! I took the liberty to add you as a friend (I'm "Mooncalf and Caliban")

Unknown said...

Rock! Added you under my kirkslashspock personna (Kirky).

Now to read that story again! And to look for clues...

Anonymous said...

great story! i remember years ago the topic of recycling came up in TOTB lettercols and it's exciting to see the idea come up organically in the story. I am so excited to see more! What an amazing pleasure to finally read a new Beanworld story again after so long!

JJA said...

Poor Proffy! Acetone hasn't been invented yet. Perhaps the Boomers can change their tune a bit...

Also, what happens to the spears that the Beans leave behind in the Hoi-Polloi? Once they are pulled out and discarded, do they wind up in Der Stinkle?

The Fix-It Shop appears to be growing. It now has a curl on top like the Cuties. I don't know if this counts as a clue.

A question of continuity - Does this episode come before or after "While We Were Eating?"

Anonymous said...

My favorite sequence is Proffy's pondering leading to revelation leading to the realization that their were holes in her reasoning.
Speaking of where things end up, what does Beanish do with all his old Look-See shows?
In your mind, were the beans always that color scheme (Blue for he wee and red for she wee) even though the comic was originally in black-and-white?
I notice there are several chow sol'jers and a Boomer bean missing from this comic.
Great story! Keep 'em coming.