Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Tantalizing Teaser???

"Mixa Spoog, what am these?"

Not quite sure if this qualifies as a genuine teaser or not. It's the splash page for a story intended for the Beanworld Holiday Special, but a day or so into writing it, I got a more appropriate idea that turned into the story "Every Cutie Deserves A Toy!"
The first story had a lot of potential too, so I'm certain it will nudge its way back into the Beanworld continuity when we least expect it.
The drawing itself is a "real" pencil sketch on Bienfang 360 layout paper.

Don't forget--I'll be at SPX this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

The Cuties discover the Mystery Pods, and ask, of all Beans, Mister Spook about them. Ominous teaser, Mister Marder.