Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama's Goofy Service Doodle!

Just about every poster across the Blogosphere has commented on the report that President-elect Obama allegedly is a Conan and Spider-Man fan. And just as many have commented on the drawing shown above that then Senator Obama drew while on the floor of the US Senate while it was in session.

What stuck me as funny was the fact that this rendering is in fact a Goofy Service Doodle. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the phrase, I define a Goofy Service Doodle as the following:

In other words, any time you are on someone else's payroll being paid to pay attention to the business at hand, and you are zoning out, engrossed in the scribbles coming out of the tip of your pencil or pen, then those drawings are indeed Goofy Service Doodles.

Which reminds me...I think I produced two Goofy Service Doodle Books in the '90s. Both with very low print runs and long out of print. I really should take the contents of those two books along with the Heyoka ashcan and a whole bunch of other stuff and make a small press mini-collection of these odd and obscure drawings sooner than later.

And on a final note: Barack Obama has a totally cool comic book signature, don't you you think?


bob said...

Not surprisingly, I fully endorse the idea of a collection of all the obscure stuff. I only have one of the Doodle Books.

drjon said...

I agree with "bob", and envy him his "only one" copy. I only heard you'd been doing ashcans and micropress work long, long after I had any chance of getting copies.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, the doodle run.

Anonymous said...

I hope none of those were done when I was paying you!


Actually, I recall you had a monster sketch book back in those days - doodling every minute...