Saturday, November 29, 2008

Larry Marder on Facebook!

Yeah, yeah, I know--it took me long enough.
Anyway....I'm on Facebook here (revised).


peacay said...

Umm..I think that URL needs adjusting doesn't it?

Vernon said...

I assume that your facebook will function like an additional blog?

Larry Marder said...

Hiya Peacay!
Not quite sure which URL needs adjusting.

And, yes & no VJ. This blog will remain the primary vehicle for communicating directly to the Beanworld community. The best place for my musings and remembrances.

Faceboook and MySpace are more about the present--more ephemeral and generally what-is-happening-NOW.

But yes, I consider Facebook to be an enhancement to blogging but in no way a replacement.

peacay said...

Doesn't that just go to anyone's own facebook page? I mean, I have a fb page - which I avoid at all costs! - but I thought your intention would be to post the unique url for your page or is my aversion for fb displaying my ignoorants?

mathew said...

Yeah, I don't find any search results for "Larry Marder" or "Beanworld", and that URL is just the home page URL for the currently logged in user.

Larry Marder said...

Thanks for bugging me about this.
I posted on my first day and I didn't quite get the hang of it.
I think it is fixed now.
If it isn't I know someone will tell me!