Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Tantalizing Teaser!

My mind is so deep in the writing of Remember Here When You Are There!, next year's original graphic novel, that I almost forgot that Beanworld Holiday Special hasn't actually shipped yet.

It's only a few weeks away now--publication date is December 17.

Here is a teaser from page 15. The Beans are having a Council Meeting to discuss the education of the Pod'l'pool Cuties. It looks like Beanish has been "volunteered" revise their the curriculum.

What WILL he do?


Anonymous said...

Looks great, Larry! My daughters and I can't wait. I ordered several copies to give as gifts, too, from heavyink.com.

^_^ said...

Awesome! I love the color stuff! Keep up the great work and blog! Your blog lists at the side there can keep you reading forever!