Monday, December 29, 2008

Now It Can Be Revealed!

This is a scan of the front and back of Dark Horse's Holiday greeting card done by yours truly. I think it all started when I tuned in various ideas for the Beanworld Holiday Special. Diana Schutz said something in passing like "I'd like to put your name in the hat for this year's holiday card." I said sure and promptly forgot about it.

Then one day in August I got an email from Di telling me that I had passed muster and was going to be given the opportunity to "magically distill the essence of others' characters in your own inimitable style" for this year's card.

Just one catch.
The assignment was on a very short deadline.
And I was already feeling behind on the Holiday Special.
But, opportunity rarely knocks twice in our business, so I decided to forgo some sleep and accept the gig.

Lia Ribacchi was the art director at Dark Horse and she was a gem to work with. She put together a great package of reference material for me. And somehow, I was able to knock out this card with its 30+ licensed characters in a bout 3 weeks.

I colored the front panel and Dan Jackson colored the inside characters.

I've done very little work-for-hire artwork over the years.
But this was a fun job.

My thanks to everyone at Dark Horse and the licensors who made this happen.
(Some of the people manning the movie studio licensing departments probably were the same folks I worked with when I was at McFarlane Toys. )

Happy New Year!


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Speaking of revealed, nice Emp. ;)

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