Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday's Tantalizing Teaser A Day Late....

...But hopefully not a dime short.

Another single panel from "Remember Here When You Are There."
There has been some concern about where in the world is "Wahoolazuma!"
The answer is....somewhere.

The book shipped from China weeks ago.
It was a little late due to some production hassles that Dark Horse and their print broker did a heroic job of catching and fixing.

Was "Wahoolazuma!" on a slow boat from China?

If the weather in the Pacific was bad and blowing the wrong way.
(I learned all that stuff in the toy business!)
Plus, Diamond is in the midst of an operational move that has been playing temporary havoc with all publishers.

With all those factors in consideration--"Wahoolazuma!" should be in your comics shop on 2/18 and no later than the week after 2/25 before WonderCon for those of you that will be attending and want your copy signed.


Anonymous said...

I went in to my local comic book chop and saw the Holiday special of Beanworld and couldn't believe my eyes (Picked it up right away, by the way). How cool. I stumbled upon the Eclipse Beanworld a couple years ago and loved it. I'm glad your doing it again. Thanks.

Vernon said...

Hey Larry, I know that magic doesn't really have a place in this beanworld, but is there any chance that we could see pictures of the archaic beanworld tarot?

Anonymous said...

I second the tarot motion.
I'm sorry to hear Wahoolazuma is on a slow boat from China. But at least it's on its way.
That teaser just raises all sorts of questions. So much waiting in the Beanworld universe. Ah, well, patience, they say, is a virtue...not an inconvenience.

JJA said...

It seems that Beanish found what he was looking for in the teaser from January 13th, and Mr. Spook has to bail him out again.

A few thoughts. Beanish is (by choice) spiky in the same way that Dreamishness is spiky. Perhaps if Proffy wore some spikes, she could use the mystery pod sketch to jump high as well...

Also, Dreamishness seems to keep raising questions for which the Hoi-Polloi may have the answers. One notes that the Hoi-Polloi are themselves a bit spiky. Is there a connection? Could (gasp) the Hoi-Polloi-like Mr. Spook use Beanish's sketch to go traveling?

Or am I just making visual puns here?

Vernon said...

i like JJA's ideas. What do the Hoi-Polloi know? They can speak, so we know they're not just dumb beasts...

doesn't "Hoi Polloi" refer to the common people, the masses? just wondering

Larry Marder said...

VJ, Carol....I have nothing against showing the Tarot Deck, such as it was/is. But it will have to wait until after "Here There" is done.

No one, and I mean NO one, connects the Beanworld teaser dots better than JJA.

Also, I will say that I've always been fascinated by the anthropology of "sympathetic magic."

The process that is the Beanworld is still growing and blossoming into the Beans' world views.

In the pages of "Here There" they are still discovering new things at an amazing rate. And re-assessing what they think they already know at the same time.

And, yes, VJ...Hoi Polloi means (more or less) common folks.

I picked it up from The Three Stooges. It was the name of one of my favorite shorts.

It mis-used a lot. For a long time, I, like many, thought that it meant the same thing as "hoity toity" when it actually means the exact opposite.

When I cam up with the idea of the Ring just seemed like a perfect word fit.