Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday's Tantalizing Teaser!

Another panel from "Remember Here When You Are There!"
Wondering what the new sport might be?
Well, for those of you that have one--look at page 14 of the 1999 ashcan "Professor Garbanzo's JOY RIDE." That should give you a pretty good clue.

Just got word from Dark Horse--"Wahoolazuma! was received into inventory at Diamond on Monday, so will ship tomorrow and be in stores 2/25."


JJA said...

I don't think that I have that ashcan, so my best guess is that the new sport somehow involves the float factor.

Furthermore, we can see that the posture of Sol'jer 2 is identical to that of Sol'jer 3 - both of whom also appear in Beanworld book 4, "Jumpin' Beanish," page 101, last panel! This surely cannot be a coincidence. And what do we find on the facing page? Mr. Spook, pounding a sprout butt until it screams, then hiding in a hole in Der Stinkle!

Can we deduce from this that Mr. Spook is in collusion with the Insects? Is he working to safeguard their mysterious egg pods from the depredations of Proffy and Beanish? Is the bored response of the Sol'jers meant to undermine Proffy's enthusiasm as part of this sinister scheme...?

No...? Well, I can't hit 'em all, I guess. %?)

Unknown said...

Mr. Marder, Do you have any plans to collect some of the orphaned material such as the ashcan and the strips from Asylum? I'd love to have them on my bookshelf alongside the two hardcovers we have coming! Thanks for the unique comics. Beanworld is a singular book that I've enjoyed for twenty years.