Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back at home!

Ivy Ratafia, aka Ivy McCloud, and Winter showed up totally unexpectedly (to me anyway) @ Stumptown. Scott and Sky were off adventuring in Shanghai, which absolutely everyone already seemed to know. It was a true delight to have half of Clan McCloud around for the run of the show.

Ivy came bearing the note above from Carol Pond. And, yes, one can whisper "Secret Sketch" any time, any place, even in writing by proxy.

Dark Horse sold a LOT of "Wahoolazuma!" volumes. So many that they had to go back to the warehouse to get more. Thanks to DH folks for making sure that happened, and we were never out of stock for very long!

What can I say about Stumptown? It's just a terrific show. The energy level in Portland is amped up so high that it is downright contagious. I got to spend a great deal of quality time with Jeff Smith, Jim Valentino, Diana Schutz, Charles Brownstein, Anina Bennett, and Paul Guinan. (Anina and Paul's new project Boilerplate looks absolutely astounding and I can not wait to see it!).

Plus had relatively short but excellent conversations with Bob Schreck, Matt Wagner, Scott Allie, Carla Speed McNeil, Jacq Cohen, and Brendan Wright. And so many m0re that they are just too numerous to recount.

As I said on Facebook: The folks up in Portland, OR really put on an amazing show. It’s a trek I highly recommend. Guaranteed to satisfy the wants and needs of any comics creator or connoisseur!

On Another Note:
The files for "A Gift Comes!" are all but finished and going off to the printer next week. The proofs of the rescanned artwork looks really, really sharp, as crisp as "Wahoolazuma!"

Oh, if you haven't actually seen anything about "Remember Here When You Are There!" yet....well, click and see!

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carol said...

Whoa, it was a bit of a shock to see my note posted in full on your website. And quite an honor. Thank you. And the secret sketch is a beaut! Thanks.