Friday, April 17, 2009

Off to Portland for Stumptown Comics Fest!

It's early in the morning and I'm doing my last minute packing of things for the con. Trying hard to not to forget to include the things that I am going to forget anyway.
So, I will be at Stumptown Comic Fest this weekend--both days. I'll be at my table for the duration except for:
Signing at the Dark Horse booth
Saturday 3 -4 pm.
That will be the exclusive time and place to get a nifty free signing plate of the cover of "A Gift Comes!"

Also...on a different note:

Beanworld Review on Aint't It Cool News.

Got an e-mail from my friend and colleague, Jacq, at Dark Horse:

"I think this might be my favorite write-up yet. It really captures the Beanworld reading experience. The colloquial tone of the piece is inviting and accessible. If I had never read Beanworld I think this review would compel me to pick up a copy of the book. "

I think she is right. I really enjoyed reading this piece by Ambush Bug.
I do sometimes feel as if I'm looking through a microscope trying to get it all in focus and transcribe what I see as fast as I can!


David Akers said...

Will you only be signing at the Dark Horse booth? Or can we get stuff signed outside of that hour?

Also, what stuff might you be selling?

I'm thinking about coming on Sunday and hope to have you sign some of my Beanworld stuff and maybe pick up some stuff I haven't managed to acquire yet. :)

Larry Marder said...

Come on Sunday, David. I'll be signing at MY table for the entire run of the show. The Dark Horse signing is just for the Dark Horse signing plates.

What will I be selling?

Back issues of TOTB, including a couple of the original limited edition Eclipse books with the hand drawn and numbered tip in plates, drawings that are matted and framedm drawings that are matted, drawing that are..well, drawings.
Some experimental stuff that I'm beta testing in anticipation of Comic-Con--a few one-of-a-kind handmade decorated frames, a couple of Flip-Flop Tool pinbacks, Beanworld action Figures on wood, Beanworld Action Figures on tile, and a whole new idea--a set of 12 Beanworld Cute Collectible Cards. (This is all assuming I actually DID manage to pack all of this!)
And of course....FREE Beanworld Action Figures for one and all.

David Akers said...

Do you have any ashcans for sale? I think there might be a couple I don't have yet. :)