Saturday, June 27, 2009

2007 Beanworld Orphan Drawing Up for Adoption @ CBLDF Auction!

A Happy Professor Garbanzo.
3" x 4 1/2 " drawing.
Black and colored marker on paper
in 5" x 7" hand decorated colored mat.

As I'm sure you know the funds raised in these auctions help support the First Amendment legal work the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund performs on behalf of the comics community. I suspect you also know that I'm on the Board of Directors of the CBLDF.

For the last twenty years the Fund defended the First Amendment rights of the comics art form. In that time, the specifics of the battles and skirmishes have changed, but the overall struggle remains the same – there are still zealous prosecutors who think that the people associated with comic books are easy targets to smear with a prosecutorial brush. It's the mission of the CBLDF to stand up and defend comics when unjustly accused of wrong doing.

The contributions of CBLDF members and contributors led to victory in the case of Georgia v. Gordon Lee, where a comic book retailer struggled for three years against prosecutors who tried to strip him of his freedom over charges that were eventually dropped.

I always say this but it is true, yes, I know times are tough, and personal funds are more than a bit tight, but the good work that CBLDF does is just as important as it ever has been--if not more.

And you can not only help by contributing to the Fund but you can give this orphaned drawing of Professor Garbanzo a good home.

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Unknown said...

Yay, I won the auction. Thanks for putting it up.