Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Studio and the Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies!

BoingBoing pointed me to a site that just made me laugh out loud.
It's The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies.
I laughed because I have used a majority of the gizmos and devices shown. Some I used every day for months, years, decades even.
And as you can see in the above pic I just snapped of my work station--some I still use because I just think better with them than with the computer gadgets that are hard wired into the programs I'm working on.
I never had any interest to learn how to use and air brush, so those supplies are alien to me but just about everything else was something I was very, very familiar with. I never wore one of those visors but I worked with a guy who put a visor and a smock on every day. He was a whiz with the old fashioned drafting tools and he was the guy who taught me all the little tricks to maintaining my rubber cement pot.
In addition to the type rules and proportion wheel seen above, I have a whole lot of other displayed tools squirreled away in drawers in my studio: technical pens, rubylith, loupe glass, kneaded erasers, rubber cement pick-up, PMS book, templates, non-repro blue pencils, Pro-White (yuck!), stainless steel T-square, and enough pens, pencils, inks, markers, and drafting tapes to supply a real bullpen for 6 months.
All I can say is....glad those days are over!
Give me my Wacom Cintiq and Photoshop any day of the week!


Tabkend said...

Hah. I work(ed) in radio, specifically as an audio engineer/producer. I remember the day I told my mentor to stop being so skeered of the digital editing devices we were getting and to start using them as it would make his life easier. He gave me a dressing-down talk that I remember to this day, remarking that digital wasn't the end all, and that REAL producers would still use magnetic tape to produce their commercials even into the new century.

Two years later I asked him to transfer an old aircheck I had on reel-to-reel, and he looked up from his Akai DR-4 track Digital Audio Workstation as if I'd just peed in the floor at him or something.

Anonymous said...

Larry I love when you post photos of your work station, if only because there are always intriguing little clues to be found. What is going on in the art hanging on the wall? Beans with long "hair" riding Goofy Service Jerks, Proffy stuck on the other side of some strange barrier, etc. so intriguing...

Just pre-ordered vol 2 on Amazon this morning even though I have all the original issues. Can't wait for vol 3!!