Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Because I'm on its Board, it has been deemed that I'm a pretty suitable person to be a last moment fill-in for Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at APE in San Francisco this weekend.

I won't be setting up for Beanworld. I'll be helping Betsy Gomez, one of CBLDF's premier volunteers hold down the fort at the Fund's booth.

PLUS, I'll be moderating two panels, both with Jeff Smith (who just happened to write the intro to Here There!).

SATURDAY, October 17
4:00–5:00 Spotlight on
Jeff Smith—Join APE special guest Jeff Smith (BONE, RASL) for a Q&A session discussing current/future projects and more! Moderated by indie comic creator Larry Marder (Beanworld).

SUNDAY, October 18
3:15–4:15 CBLDF Live Art Battle!—APE special guests Jeff Smith and Dean Haspiel team up with surprise special guests for a no-holds-barred art battle! Thrill as they race against the clock to see who can create the wildest art to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. All art will be available for auction and raffle with the proceeds benefitting the CBLDF's important First Amendment legal work. Indie comic creator Larry Marder referees this epic battle as it unfolds before your very eyes!

You do not want to miss any of this!


John M. Scrudder said...

Your absolutley correct, Larry.
I don't want to miss ANY of it.
So please, would you mind purchasing me a round trip ticket to SFO from Fayetteville, NC.
Thanks Larry, I'll see you there, and Jeff Smith too... or, I might
not, because you may not actually
do that whole plane-ticket-buying
thing. But thats okay, because Todd hasn't returned my messages in regards to paying off my house either.

carol said...

I will see you on Saturday!!
Wahoolazuma!! I'm a happy happy sprout butt!