Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home From My My Autumnal Wanderings!

So was I crazy?

The drawings I traded with Beanworld fans were just thoroughly Wahoolazuma!

You can read about them in the Leguminous Fan Art Gallery starting here.
Also you can see pics of the Beanworld connoisseurs who made the trade starting here.

I was on the road for almost a month jumping from Chicago, New York, Baltiomore, and San Francisco. I entered time continuums from my entire life from birth to the present. Saw most of the best friends I've ever had. (Just missing Captain Hats and Suzy).

You can scan the highlights starting here.

Of course I wish I had remembered to take far more pictures...but I was having so much fun that pictures often were the furthest thing from my mind. I'm sure I screwed up some of the names and spellings--if I did write me at and I'll make the correx pronto.

Will I continue the trade-ins?
Sure, I guess so, until it gets unmanageable.

Will I make trades through the mail?
Sorry, no can do.
I just won't have the time to manage anything like that.
I have to get back to work now.
I'll be announcing a bunch of stuff soon.
And now I gotta start actually doing the work.

Hoo-Hoo-HA & a Hoka-Hoka-HEY!

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Matthew Johnson said...

Hey Larry! This comment isn't related to this post but I just saw something I wanted to share with you, from the Henson company Q&A page:

"Fraggle Rock was Jim's idea for a children's show that would help achieve world peace. The different character groups were supposed to be an example of how all living things are interdependent and that not only do we need to remember that to live together in harmony but also we need to realize that our environments are interdependent. When the Fraggles decided to stop eating Doozer radish structures to be nice to the Doozers, the Doozers got overrun with structures and had to stop working - which went against their nature - so, they asked the Fraggles to resume eating."

Sounds a lot like "Too Much Chow," eh? Great minds think alike!

Larry Marder said...

Although I've still have yet to see a single episode of Fraggle Rock, the threads of influence that runs throughs fans' imaginations often weaves Beanworld and Fraggle Rock together.

Kinda like me and Jack Kirby's Fourth World and Kachinas.

Matthew Johnson said...

I read that kachina story back when it first appeared in the Beanworld lettercol... it was much in my mind when I visited New Mexico a few years ago (to visit a friend of mine who worked at the Los Alamos lab, but that's another story...)

Re Beanworld/Fraggle Rock, I think it shows the power of the idea of interdependence... the two stand out because it's an idea so rarely encountered in our fiction, which has a strong bias towards the dynamic as opposed to the cybernetic (in the self-regulating sense, not the shiny robot arms sense.)

ZenMondo Wormser said...

Hi Larry. I just wanted to say I enjoyed your photos, and what gets me is how gosh durn HAPPY you look in ALL of them. You are doing what you love, and it really shows. Tell me, did you smile this much working for other people away from Beanworld?