Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy Trade-Ins @ Wondercon & C2E2!

So once again, I ask myself: am I crazy to do this?


Beanworld fans of all ages spent a lot of time plotting and planning their drawings to trade with me. Everyone really knocked 'em out of the proverbial park!

The drawings I traded with Beanworld fan artists were just thoroughly Wahoolazuma!
You can read about them in the Leguminous Fan Art Gallery starting here.

Also you can see pics of the Beanworld connoisseurs who made the trade starting here.

I might have kerfluffled some of the names and spellings--if I did write me at
larrymarder[at] and I'll make the correx pronto.

Am I going to continue the trade-ins?

So far it has been a thoroughly manageable program and a lot of fun.

So it is a go for TCAF and SD10!

Will I make trades through the mail?
Sorry, no can do.
I just don't have the time to manage anything like that.

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