Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's not Tuesday but here's a Teaser!

This frame is connected to one I teased you with a while back.

I'm deep into a significant sequence that sets into motion events having lasting ramifications the Boom'r Band, Professor Garbanzo, the rapidly growing up Pod'l'pool Cuties, and even
Beanish and Dreamishness are (indirectly) in on it.

An earlier rough of this sequence has been hinted at before. Same actions (more of less) but replaced elsewhere into the ongoing continuity. It's directly related to the MDHP #14 online comics "? & !"

I work in such a strange slow fashion. I'm totally unable to sit down and write a story with a beginning middle and end. A Beanworld story is a bit like a Joseph Cornell assemblage. Instead of sculptural bits and pieces, the found objects I work with fall out of my head in no apparent order. I work with these story shards until they feel right.

But when they do feel right, then all sorts of doors open and linkages that previously weren't there appear. It's that kind of week. Thought I'd share a bit of it with you.


Mark I. said...

That's certainly tantalizing!

(I always wondered what happened to old Look•See•Shows...)

Rodneylives said...

Ah, the blanktanks are back!

These teasers aren't coming nearly often enough for me. MORE!

Anonymous said...

thats a great picture. i also wondered what happens to old look see shows and used spears

JJA said...

I have no ideas at present about this teaser, so I'll just speculate on something that is partly related.

I think it's fair to say that a healthy Beanworld needs an artist/shaman like Beanish. Thus, Beanish's breakout can't have been accidental. However, it appeared to happen as the result of an accident - if Beanish hadn't gotten his leg krink'l'd and spent that time in the Blank Tank, he might not have broken out - at least not when he did.

I think we can rule out the idea that any Bean that spends time in the Blank Tank must break out in some way or another, so the Blank Tank seems to be a chancy way to produce something so important. Perhaps being a Chow Sol'jer is so dangerous that every one of them will eventually wind up soaking for a while, but it doesn't seem to be that frequent an occurrence.

So the Blank Tank interlude may have just been some quiet time in which Beanish could reorder his thoughts, or perhaps Gran'Ma'Pa took that opportunity to help him wake up, and would have used another means if this one had not occurred.

Now, as revealed in some old letter columns, two Beans died early on in events not yet shown in the story. What if one of them would later have broken out into something critically important to the Beanworld? What if proto-Beanish had been killed (by the Hoi-Polloi or some other way)? The Beanworld system must have some way of getting around such a disaster.

I think that there must be more than one Bean who has a latent potential to be the Shaman, and Gran'Ma'Pa can call on such a one if necessary - the backup Bean may not be the best choice for Shaman but will be better than no Shaman. (Is this latent quality part of what makes the average Beans appreciate the Look-See-Shows?)

The Scientist/Inventor role seems to have its own natural selection process - the baby Bean who has the most curiosity and desire to explore tends to be the one who finds the Fix-It Shop and puts on The Hat. Or perhaps the Fix-It Shop picks out the Bean with most potential and issues a subtle call.

So, with all this in mind, are we safe in making this plaintive appeal:

"Please don't krink'l the Shaman!"

Only time will tell.

JJA said...
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JJA said...
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JJA said...
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JJA said...

Apologies for the duplicate posts. I got some error messages and thought that the comment hadn't gone through.