Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back from the White Continent!

This is me on Christmas afternoon on Salisbury Plain (the other one).
The critters in the background as fart as the eye can see are King penguins.
They are big, noisy, and incredibly curious.
In case you were wondering where I've been off to--Cory and I were on an Antarctica adventure. The offical log of the trip is here. Our pics and commentary will be posted as we go along into the new year and our return to Reality.
For me that will start by going to Phoenix within 24 hrs of my return to the US for:
where I'll be doing things regarding Beanworld and CBLDF.
What sort of things?.
Come to the con and find out!
As soon as I find out definite plan I will post and pass it along asap!!

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as fart as the eye can see?