Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Almost Original Art of the Larry Marder TFAW Cards!

8" x 10" black & white drawing in 11' x 14" hand decorated frame.

For the third year in a row, I answered the call from Things From Another World aka TFAW to participate in their CBLDF Auction Fundraiser. It's a lot of fun and for a good cause.

But, me being me, I like to take a simple idea and make it even more fun!

Check out these accounts of what I did with my 500 TFAW cards in years past: 2009 and 2o10.

In a nutshell, I submit artwork that is "incomplete."
TFAW turns it into a card and gives me a boatload to use however I like.
I use these cards all year 'round everywhere I go--show appearances, signings, and other things in between.

A "finished" TFAW card is something more than a signing card but also something less than an original drawing.

At my Dark Horse Comics signing at Comic-Con on Sunday, the PR & marketing gang on site-at the moment figured out a great way to use TFAW cards to their full potential.

Under the guidance of Melissa Richardson, Amy Huey, and an incredibly enthusiastic intern who I was introduced to as (I think) Noel, who was out braving the traffic in the aisles hawking and handing out TFAW cards to the passing hordes. He artfully convinced them to stand in a very long rope line to get their sketch card from someone who most of them had never heard of.

I, of course, failed to take any pictures, but I could see the folks in line, looking at their cards, wondering what was going to happen to it when finally they reached me.

The table was elevated so the little kids could barely see over it as they handed me their card.

I'd take a good look at each individual by making solid eye contact for a second or two and right then and there I'd sketch the additions to the card that I felt like this stranger might appreciate the most.

I got a lot of smiles. so I think my batting average was pretty good. I drew on so many cards that my hand hurt afterwards and that hardly ever happens to me. I can usually sketch all day long.

I'm very appreciative that the DH crew assigned to oversee my signing understood me and the Beanworld so well and was able to make something so memorable for all involved happen on the spur of the moment.

I often get asked,"I wasn't at Comic-Con--how can I score myself a TFAW card?"
At all other cons I generally I have my trusty CBLDF can on the table and for a let-your-conscience-be-your-guide donation to the Fund you can walk away with your very own "Almost Original Piece of Art." Same with signings on behalf of CBLDF. Only at Dark Horse signings can you get one for free!

It's a grand tradition that TFAW started!
You can take a gander at the TFAW cards I drew and made their way home with me starting here.

And, hey, if you have a personalized TFAW card of your own that you'd like to see added the galleries--send a scan along to me at larrymarder (at) gmail (dot) com.

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