Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The last artist on earth to join

The last artist on earth to join
That would be me.

Because I was do impressed with deviant's under-reported sponsorship of Artist's Alley at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, I decided to join and give it a go.

"Created for a mini comic to benefit Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in honor of Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. The project never left the launching pad and I've been wondering what to do with this seemingly out-of-continuty Beanworld illustration ever since. It seemed like a good piece for my first upload onto"

I pretty much feel like I'm the last cartoonist on the planet to sign up there are already a zillion artists on the site but there seem to be a gazillion more eyeballs poking around on it.

How it will differ from other spots online that show my art--I dunno.

We'll all find out together, I reckon.

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AJDJ said...

Actually, I haven't signed up yet, so don't worry. :P