Friday, November 4, 2011

Goofy Service Doodles from the Beanworld Archives!

I've written before about the scribbles I've done on the job that I call "Goofy Service Doodles." In fact, there were at least two ashcan collections of them. One of my goals for next year's convention season is to recollect them with lots of previously unseen stuff.

I found this one today.

Gee, it's almost 20 years old. It's from my days at Marketing Director at Moondog's Comicland in Chicago, IL. From the looks of it we were at a meeting working on 1992 plans. And the stuff the Goofy Service Jerk said was true: at Moondog's we really did have the finest store managers in the comic book business. Some have their own stores nowadays and some I've lost track of but we all shared some mighty heady times.

I don't know what we thought was going to happen in retail in '92. I think we'd heard the rumblings of the immanent Image Comics revolution brewing on the west coast. I certainly didn't know on that date how much the Image Comics declaration of independence was going to change the entire comic book business and just how much I was going to get swept up into it myself.

In our world, you never really know what is going to happen next.
But something always does.

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MrSeanLane said...

I would love to purchase that recollection of ashcans or any other service doodles! I can't find that stuff anywhere!

Maybe even the awesome art and stories in the back of the old Beanworld TPBs could make it?