Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SPECIAL OFFER: Larry Marder Personalized Hardcovers for CBLDF!

Wahoolazuma! CBLDF President Larry Marder contributes this signed hardcover edition of his most peculiar comics experience Beanworld! Captivating readers from grade school to grad school, Beanworld is a peculiar fantasy that operates under its own rules and laws. Series creator Larry Marder says, "Beanworld is about the affinity of life. It's like A Bug's Life meets Mutts, as told by Dr. Seuss and Joseph Campbell." Meet Mr. Spook, Professor Garbanzo, Beanish, and the Chow Sol'jer Army as they experience adventures that prove, whether friends or adversaries, we all ultimately depend on each other for survival. Beanworld reflects deep truths about our world, including themes of ecology, advertising, culture, and art, making the experiences of these fanciful creatures feel as true, funny, moving, and relatable as anything in our own reality.

Personalization requests due by December 5!

Here’s How The Personalization Works:
When you place your order with the CBLDF for these holiday premiums, you can have each of the offered books personalized to one or two names, and the artist will sign and personalize the book on a high quality CBLDF-branded bookplate. When you place your order in the comments section, please include the personalization request, such as: For Carl & Nancy, or For Will, or To The Groppers! Sorry – artists will not be able to provide sketches or other messages.


This Larry Marder/Beanworld thing is part of a much larger CBLDF Spirit of Giving drive.
The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation will make a contribution to the CBLDF for every donation and membership placed during this campaign!

Be a hero this holiday by giving the most unique gifts that make a real difference when you support the CBLDF with the Spirit of Giving!


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