Thursday, April 24, 2008

If Today Is Thursday--Then This Must Be Portland.

"Wahoolazuma!" as the Beans are prone to shout now and again. When Diana met me at the airport--she greeted me with the words that are the title of today's post.

I'm in Portland.

I'm here for Stumptown Comic Fest.

It's my first real convention appearance with my own table in almost a decade.

I will have all sorts of leguminous goodies to give away and sell.

Will be rolling out some new silly, modestly priced collectibles and even a new FREE Beanworld Action Figure!

I have a box full of most back issues and some trades Volumes #3 and #4. Well, if you are at the show--come by and see!

My panel is on Sunday @ 1 p.m. in the Idaho Room.

I'll be giving a presentation of Beanworld--Past, Present, & Future.

Gonna make a big announcement.

Gonna show you some things you might not expect to see.

My panel got a really nice mention from Steve Duin --Seven Reasons to Love Stumptown.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Are those earrings?? WANT!!! How much do we have to send to the Fund? ARE THOSE EARRINGS???!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are going to repeat the big announcement here, for those of us that aren't going to the con, right? If you could post a video of the panel, that would be, as the kids say, "teh roxxors!"

Those mounted beans suuuure look cool!

If and when you start a retailer mailing list, please let us know so we can get added!

Do you have a MySpace page?

Unknown said...

One more day... one more day...

Hengest said...

I'm sorry to ask this, almost, since it's so fanboyish and 1980s and you're doing new stuff.

But I must: in Beanworld #2, is the use of "one eyeblink. two eyeblinks" related to the Germanified language spoken in Der Stinkle (moment=Augenblick, eyeblink)?

I can't be at Stumptown, but good luck.

Anonymous said...

Stumptown ho! I'll be there on Sunday. Can't wait to hear about the Beanworld's future, and the MYSTERY ANNOUNCEMENT.

Mark I.

Unknown said...

ONE MORE DAY! gah, I thought the panel was on Saturday.

Larry Marder said...

I did too. It was switched somewhere along the line.
And yes, I will post asap tonight!

Unknown said...

The wait is killing me!

/dying, is ded


Hope you enjoyed Portland... I was only there for a year but I loved the city and would gladly move back if I had a job opportunity. I hear it's getting expensive to live there though.

The best time was when the Navy docks a big ol' battleship there once a year... they make a big festival of it and the city really goes nuts. I remember my drive to work every day had the breathtaking view of Mt. Hood to enjoy. I miss it.

Write up yer post already! :)

Unknown said...

Great panel and great to meet you this weekend. I'm really excited about the big news (I won't blow the gaffe here). Thanks for coming to Portland!
-Matt Wier(the guy with the Mr. Spook tattoo)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the wait is killing mt too! Gah!