Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm At JFK Waiting For My Flight

Frank Miller, Larry Marder, Colleen Doran, and Jeff Smith at the RASL Launch benefit for the CBLDF.

What an incredible week.

The high point had to be this article in the New York Times that linked to this gallery on ComicSpace--chock full of Beanworld drawings.

Along the way over the last 10 days I spent quality talk-time with Neil Gershenfeld and his wonderful family, Alan Gershenfeld, Carly Shuler, Heidi MacDonald, Charles Brownstein, Greg and Elizabeth of CBLDF, Jeff Smith, Neil Gaiman, Jeff "JahFurry" Newelt, Collen Doran, Paul Pope, Joey Manley, John Nee, Paul Levitz, Mike Richardson, Jim Valentino, Kris "Editor Girl" Simon, Doug Rushkoff, Brian Haberlin, Scott McCloud and Ivy, plus many many more.

I've got a bunch of pictures and I'll get 'em up this week before I start clicking more next weekend at Stumptown.


Unknown said...

Saturday needs to get here quicker!

Anonymous said...

"...beloved '80s indie comic artist..."

Beloved indeed.

Nice pub, Larry.

Tea said...

Hi, Larry! It's Tea from ComicSpace. I am in the middle of writing my weekend update post (and still letting my ankles recuperate) and I just found your blog so I figured I would drop a hello. It was great to meet you and I really enjoyed talking with you so much this weekend!